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Engage this ancient technique to share values, belief systems and life lessons

  • Learn stories from around the world. 
  • Build your Storytelling Skills tool box as you write, rehearse, share, and are witnessed in telling your story. 
  • Focus on cultivating a relationship with your audience. 
  • Develop your unique voice and style of storytelling. 
  • Receive supportive and constructive feedback that supports your confidence and joyful expression in sharing your story.


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The nature of the work of learning to create a new story while stepping into living a new story will invite you to leave your comfort zone. You will be invited to meet the edges of what you are familiar with over and over, and be given the tools to play there. There is a powerful field that supports movement and growth when you are playing a part in a collective where everyone is committed to keep showing up, to move through the blocks and the uncomfortable places. This cancelation policy is not just about business, it is about doing what we can to insure that we are all in this together, engaging and using the tools of sacred storytelling to face what ever discomfort or challenges may present. Therefore, by registering for this course, you are signing up to to go the distance.

Cancelation within 48 hours of when class begins:

Occasionally someone walks into a first class, and in the first moments realizes they are not in the place that is in alignment for them. If this is you, you will receive a refund minus a $30 admin fee. We thank you for understanding that there are admin costs associated with dropping out of a class and we still pay the entire processing fees of your tuition.

Cancelation 48 hours after class begins:

Occasionally major changes in life situations happen such as a death or massive transition that prevents you from attending. We are understanding of these moments, if you need to drop out after the 2nd class, your tuition can be applied to the tuition of a future class, minus a $30 admin fee.
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A Soul Story is a one-of-a-kind story that is intuited just for you… a story designed to speak to your soul.
More about Soul Stories at medicinestories.com.

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 Nov 8 - Nov 29, 2022

Tuesdays 11am - 1pm PST
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"Nothing could have prepared me for the immensity or inner treasures unearthed during Sanctuary. I only knew my soul was calling from the desert, aching to be known and its secrets to be unleashed.

I do not consider myself a storyteller nor came to tell stories. Medicine is what I needed. The kind you find in sacred arts, rituals, symbols and in the sacred mother of life.

The journey weaved together the scattered parts, the preciousness and beauty surrounding me, and the soul crafting needed to claim the truth of my existence. Leah masterfully guides the birthing of what has been calling you."

-Devi W.

"Imagine a person who just has a knack for bringing out your gems and listens for your greatness and doesn’t get distracted by your self doubt. And in their presence, you become more articulate, creative, and in flow. 

 This is what I experience in Leah’s realm. She is a magnet for your truth to blossom in expression. She provides the nourishment, the curiosity, the nudges, and the challenge to step into the discomfort of a new creation with trust and open-heartedness. 

 Some may think of her as a story midwife. I consider her a creativity locksmith: able to design keys through questions and prompts that can unlock aspects who you’ve always known yourself to be but may have forgotten or lost." 

-Carey McCray