Language of Listening$0

4 Week Course
Facilitated by Hāweatea Holly Bryson

September 19 - October 10, 2023

Tuesdays, 5pm - 7pm PST

Listening is a layered art, and those layers are an inherent part of traditional storytelling and the approach to wānanga (Māori ‘schools of learning’). Lore, truth and revelation are continually held, awaiting the listener’s arrival, revealed for you and by you as reciprocity. Uncover a deeper capacity for listening and confirmation, and for being guided by the inspiration coming through. Ever feel like no one is truly listening? We are constantly trying, moving and making. The urgency or yearning we feel within ourselves is a call to first, listen. This masterclass looks toward the importance of listening skills in Indigenous legacies of receiving a story, storytelling/ story-guardianship, and, story-release and healing.

In this course, you will experience: 

Listening below the noise; to deeper symbols and communication happening in the story of your own life. 

The importance of listening through our 11 senses (interoception and exteroception) when listening to stories is to carry understanding/s into the here and now. 

Practically, layers of listening are most active in our relationships. We look at what 'subtext' is 

Why someone hears something different to what is spoken. How listening for 'subtext and telepathic subtext' can connect us to the clarity of our ‘knowing’ (morphic) field. 

Why Mirroring a person’s story back to them is powerful (a ‘pure’ offering of listening), and the relevance of this skill in Indigenous families in becoming a storyteller/ story-guardian.


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Hāweatea Holly Bryson specializes in trauma, transition and transformation. This is as a Psychotherapist, Couples Counsellor, and Rite of Passage Guide for 14 years, and Māori Healing Practitioner for 10 years. (Ngāi Tahu & Waitaha are her tribes). Through Nature Knows she trains facilitators in Rites of Passage, culturally relevant Ceremony, Nature-based therapy and Quests.

Stop. Listen. Feel. Hāweatea is gifted at guiding participants through this process because of her inherent gifts as matakite (intuitive), and two decades of work as a professional listener. This is a fusion of indigenous ancestry and the psychology of meaning-making. I can honestly say there is no better guide or teacher. Participation in her wānanga (courses) has been monumental in my uncovering of what she calls the ‘reverse gift’ of life's challenges.

Donelle Manihera

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