Hour of the Wolf Soul Story Council$0

Step into a virtual sacred circle and integrate your personal mythology into your every day life. Experience a live & interactive video Soul Story with Leah Lamb.

2023 Dates - 11am-12pm Pacific Time 

January 20, February 20, March 22, April 19, April 29, May 19, June 19, July 17, August 16, September 15, October 13, November 13, December 11 ​


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The nature of the work of learning to create a new story while stepping into living a new story will invite you to leave your comfort zone. You will be invited to meet the edges of what you are familiar with over and over, and be given the tools to play there. There is a powerful field that supports movement and growth when you are playing a part in a collective where everyone is committed to keep showing up, to move through the blocks and the uncomfortable places. This cancelation policy is not just about business, it is about doing what we can to insure that we are all in this together, engaging and using the tools of sacred storytelling to face what ever discomfort or challenges may present. Therefore, by registering for this course, you are signing up to to go the distance.

Cancelation within 48 hours of when class begins:

Occasionally someone walks into a first class, and in the first moments realizes they are not in the place that is in alignment for them. If this is you, you will receive a refund minus a $30 admin fee. We thank you for understanding that there are admin costs associated with dropping out of a class and we still pay the entire processing fees of your tuition.

Cancelation 48 hours after class begins:

Occasionally major changes in life situations happen such as a death or massive transition that prevents you from attending. We are understanding of these moments, if you need to drop out after the 2nd class, your tuition can be applied to the tuition of a future class, minus a $30 admin fee.
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Commences January 20th, 2023

11am - 12pm PST
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"As humans we are a 'storied' race. Everything you can name, started with a story. In the sacred feminine, we are reclaiming as women, the ancient art of weaving a new reality, through the medium of re-scripting our stories, using archetypal, mythic themes, instead of our tatty and repetitive ego story lines. Leah Lamb is a master Weaver/Storyteller. She has a very special gift of being able to be empty enough to so deeply feel the themes of the story beings are reweaving, that she can then spontaneously speak a story to illuminate those themes with rich metaphor and images that potently reveal something different for each listener. In this gift, she genuinely is an oracle. I have experienced her Soul Story process as a magically healing and soul deepening experience that I can whole heartedly recommend."

-Ariel Spilsbury Author of The 13 Moon Oracle, The Mayan Oracle and Gaia's New DreamCoat

"When Leah first shared Soul Stories with me, I understood exactly what she is doing: she is a story oracle. Leah has a rare gift of using the ancient art of story telling as a healing art. With intelligence, depth, and a dash of playfulness she wove a story and created meaning of the metaphor so that I was able to receive a mythical version of myself, revealing some of the deepest truths that were alive in my unconscious. Soul Stories serve as yet another tool to connect to the divine self. It is an opportunity not to be missed!"

-Marci Shimoff, Speaker & Author, "Happy for No Reason", "Love For No Reason", and "Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul"